I’m Grateful for the Barber

His kindness was simple, but powerful
people I meet

Wednesday February 28, 2024

people I meet

It was my first time visiting Mr. Barber today. He captured my attention as he stopped cutting someone’s hair, popped his head out the open door, and called “do your kids want a lollipop?”

A little different than asking kids to get into a van, but the principle is the same. It works. Who doesn’t like a lollipop?

He was hilarious. His wife was too (she cut my hair).

When I went to pay, I learned they don’t accept credit card. Cash or check only.

It wasn’t their first experience with this. “Just pay us back the next time you come in.” What?! Seriously?

I insisted I’ll be back soon. Mr. Barber seemed indifferent, “Nah, just come back whenever. No rush.”

His kindness reminded me of the reciprocity rule in Influence The Psychology of Persuasion. People feel like they have a debt they need to pay when you do something nice for them.

This obviously wasn’t Charlie’s goal: to have us not pay him. But he understands reciprocity. He knows he’ll see me again.

He wants to cut your hair, and he wants you to know it


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