I’m Grateful for Marriage



Tuesday February 20, 2024


In reading How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices today, there was a section about how “getting an outside view” is essential to making good decisions. That we’re always better at helping someone else through a challenge than helping ourselves - because we’re all biased by our “inside view”.

Reading Influence The Psychology of Persuasion there’s an anecdote mentioned about the allegory of the long spoons: Heaven and Hell: The Parable of the Long Spoons - Sofo Archon. Essentially heaven and hell are both the same: it’s a room full of people with no elbows and long spoons trying to eat a sumptuous feast. What makes it hell is that they can’t bend their elbows to eat! What makes it heaven is that everyone is just feeding other people.

Marriage is a union of two no-elbow people. We benefit each other through an “outside view”, one that’s focused on helping and strengthen the other person.

I’m grateful for marriage and all my wife does for me.

Just you and me


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