News Notes for 2024-01-19



Friday January 19, 2024


Social media platforms make $11B in ad revenue from U.S. teens — Harvard Gazette

YouTube derived the greatest ad revenue from users 12 and under ($959.1 million), followed by Instagram ($801.1 million) and Facebook ($137.2 million). Instagram derived the greatest ad revenue from users ages 13-17 ($4 billion), followed by TikTok ($2 billion) and YouTube ($1.2 billion). The researchers also calculated that Snapchat derived the greatest share of its overall 2022 ad revenue from users under 18 (41 percent), followed by TikTok (35 percent), YouTube (27 percent), and Instagram (16 percent).

OpenAI announces first partnership with a university - education is going to be greatly commoditized. - Academic researchers can enjoy researching again instead of teaching (what some of them are horrid at) - I took an accounting class where half was online, half in person. This will be the future for all classes, but probably 10% in person. - The value of the professor will be in office hours.

Meta’s new goal is to build artificial general intelligence - The Verge

We’re used to there being pretty intense talent wars,” he says. “But there are different dynamics here with multiple companies going for the same profile, [and] a lot of VCs and folks throwing money at different projects, making it easy for people to start different things externally.

GitHub - FlagOpen/TACO - It’s good to have benchmarks everyone can rely on. Hopefully they don’t leak into the training data.


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