Emotional Recovery

Everyone recovers differently.

Saturday December 30, 2023


Imagine you just ran a red light at 10:15pm. You were driving without music or phone distractions, you just zoned out and coasted through.

Your emotions run high as you consider what might have happened otherwise. But nothing happened. Something could have happened, but nothing did. In the end, all is well.

How do you calm yourself down? In Dune, someone almost dies because of Paul’s “mistake”. But nobody died.

Life is full of thousands of these things. Several of them we recognize and brush off “oh that was close.” But how many events go unnoticed because we were unaware we even could have done harm (no red light to be found)?

How we identify and recover is a skill. How do you process such experiences? How do you get over the person who cuts you off on the highway? How do you get over not realizing you cut someone off?

The red lights of life


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