Leaving my Startup was the Right Decision

But not because of the outcome.

Thursday December 28, 2023


I remember in 2014 deciding whether to leave my startup after having just helped raise a seed round and finish a highly successful kickstarter. It was either move with the team to Seattle or stay and finish my Master’s degree. My married cofounder even suggested “you could find your wife here!”

I imagined every scenario in my anxiety. I specifically imagined all of my partners making $1M dollars or something. I felt like the decision to leave was a decision to not be a millionaire.

I emotionally came to terms with that possibility. And suddenly, that possible outcome had no allure to me anymore.

I chose to finish my degree and pursue a career in data science. I also luckily found my wife not in Seattle just a few weeks later.

I’ve made this choice a few times in my life: go with the direction I want to go at that time. To hop on the right river.

This was the right decision, because I came to terms with alternate realties and chose what aligned with my goals.

You never know what happens when you flip-a-coin. But you can choose whether to flip.

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