I’m Grateful for Dune

Great writing deserves attention

Thursday February 29, 2024


Just watched the movie Dune again for the second time in four months. I’m excited for Dune 2 this weekend. And I’ve also read Dune and Dune: Messiah…yea it’s been a Dune four months.

Dune got me back into fiction. I enjoy Herbert’s style of writing. Very smart, very thoughtful. You can tell he really thinks through a lot of things that he barely mentions in the book. I think this gives the book a certain richness - less is more. But when creating universes, those details provide a colorful backdrop.

I’m impressed by how good the movie is, and how true it is to the book. It’s rare to have a movie so close to the book.

It’s just fun to read.

Sand dunes


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